I had not posted for awhile because I had to take a break from studying after the first 2 fails and in my darker moments I wondered if I wanted to see a 3rd fail, and honestly if I failed this one I was heavily reconsidering where to prioritize my study efforts. As can be seen of my score, 816 / 790 passing, I passed by a single question!

Now to talk about how I passed, not knowing the answers at all to the questions being asked, was two different approaches. Some of them I could eliminate enough answers to come up with the necessary amount of correct answers needed. Process of elimination really pulled me through some of these questions big time.

The second approach if I had no idea about the topic, and could only guess at the questions but had to answer multiple of them, it was pure logic. Looking at the answers, the scenario given, and reading VERY carefully through the output in the answers to see what two answers “clicked” together to make a cohesive response. Some answers made perfect sense but had a wrong character in a case sensitive grouping name.

This is where you need to confidently answer questions you know and move on quickly, so you have time to really comb through these type of questions, as I had no idea the true answer but was able to find it through how options for 2 devices were configured and matched them up to (I believe) make a correct answer.

Study hard, don’t give up, and keep applying your logic and I hope to see people posting up here some day that they passed as well by the hair on a rats friggin tail!

Celebration time for me, 7 months and a lot of money later I have 1/3 down, next posts will be CCNP SWITCH related but I’ll be taking a sanity / stress break while I get the proper gear together to begin that journey 🙂

YES!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!