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Automation Geeks – I am looking for you to join!

I’ve started a host of reddits, but I can mainly be found on /r/CiscoDevNet I created which also has Knox Hutchinson active on there to chime in with knowledge, come join up!

I also have (its ridiculous):

/r/ENAUTO (what I was originally aiming for)
/r/CiscoDevNet – This is where I am mostly active

I have the Monopoly on all things Cisco, I hope they fill up with activity, so please come join one or all of them and start a discussion and lets gets into some Cisco DevNet fun!

Right now I am on a Python journey and they have sub-reddits for that covered, so I will stick to here for my posts on Python related material 🙂

I appreciate all input to make my notes as close to 100% accurate as possible!

Being that this has become a pretty widely used resource for CCNP (and other topics in the near future) information, please leave comments in articles where you find confusing explanations or flat out incorrect info (as I know its in there in places)!

This blog started as my solution to not having to drag around multiple notebooks filled with CCNP notes, but has become a study resource for 100+ people daily from all corners of the Globe (literally), as well as being a “Work Wiki” for myself to refer back to when I need a quick reference for a topic in a pinch!

Please send me a connect on LinkedIn, and send me a Hello packet on there! 🙂

To get notifications of new articles posted feel free to hit the follow button, or you can send me a connection request on LinkedIn, I can never have too many connections:

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Well, until I hit my maximum connections for a free LinkedIn account, then I suppose at that point I can probably consider it as “too many” but I haven’t hit that point yet!

Thank you for stopping by, and good luck with achieving your IT goals!

– Loopy!

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