Loopedback - My CCNP Grind

ROUTE (Passed), SWITCH, and TSHOOT notes in painful detail!


My name is Dave Anderson, and I am currently in the midst of my CCNP ROUTE exam studies, to finally take down my CCNP R/S certification after almost a decade of wanting to get it but letting life be an excuse not to.

I document here odd behaviors I find when labbing, describe and give examples of topics as it helps me learn to write articles about it, and I have also now passed ROUTE so you will see me continue on with SWITCH material.

I currently work as a Remote Support Systems Engineer as a Data Infrastructure tech (my team is made up of people with specialties they try to stick with), including Firewalls / Wireless AP’s / Unified Communication Servers / User end points (phones/jabber/CIPC) / Router / Switches / Email / etc.

I mainly focus on Route / Switch in my group, however am always familiarizing myself with emerging technologies, as working at an MSP I get a taste of the good and the bad 🙂

You can contact me at ande0255@gmail.com with questions, compliments, and comments. Also can be found on linkedin, at the following URL to connect:


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