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This started out for a long time as a free personal WordPress blog for CCNP Notes

When I started the CCNP R/S I quickly realized that pens and notepads was not feasible for study, as I needed my notes on demand wherever I was to squeeze in study time, and so this blog came into existence as my own personal study notes and as time went by I refined my notes to be a bit more visual / comprehensive / knowingly as accurate as possible.

After finding the “stats” page when my ROUTE was almost completed I found I was getting 200+ hits daily from 90% of countries on the planet (which still amazes me), so I decided to buy out the domain name and pay for a Premium subscription to remove Ads and Click-Bait for the viewers here as I don’t want to profit for spreading knowledge across the globe.

My viewers keep me motivated, I hope I keep you motivated, and I try to be living proof that with hard work there are no boundaries to success in an IT Career – Not much more than a decade ago I was a restaurant server / cook and Hotel Front Desk Associate.

“You miss 100% of shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzky, NHL Legend

I’ve failed many exam attempts, washed out of many “technical interviews” for jobs, but I take them all as learning experiences and never failure. Never, ever, give up!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to all viewers that drop me a kind message! 🙂

I occasionally will get a “Thank you for your blog as it helped me pass X exam / motivated me to Study for X exam” and I love hearing the personal impact stories, I can see by the volume of traffic it reaches far and wide, but that is the kind of thing that keeps me consistently writing good / relevant technology articles!

I don’t want to contend with the other well known IT Trainers around today, but I am happy to be a solid point for cross reference on topics, and writing topics like I am explaining them helps me retain the info as well when you have to think about it from several different angles of explanation and verify as much as possible it is correct!

I am a CCNP R/S Network Engineer moving towards Cloud, and I hope you join me!

My passion has always been with R/S for Cisco, but after taking the DevNet to help me think more abstractly about customer environments, I personally am amazed to learn all these new technologies I never knew existed – And most recently getting into Public Clouds like AWS and Azure (and configuring API stuff in AWS) they are fun to learn!

The time of the physical routers and switches will soon be gone, and I would not want to be behind on that trend of technology if that onsets rapidly as some Technologies do, so I would encourage my audience to study the DevNet / AWS / Azure study tracks to understand IaaS and SDN Technologies to future proof your career.

I can say from experience Meraki has almost swept the Industry off its feet with a Cloud Controller and the Firewalls / Switches / APs just be door stoppers if the Dashboard license expires, so we are one more IT Evolution before the hardware is very likely on its way out the door for Cloud Hosted solution or Cloud Controller Based Networks.

Point being – Even if you don’t plan to get the certs, registering for free AWS / Azure accounts to explore the portals functionality, along with exposure to Automation or Python Scripting you’re doing yourself a huge favor by future proofing your career!

That being said more AWS Solutions Architect Associate I think it is will be popping up more, along side Azure, as with the power of Automation and SDN the time is coming!

I now have a Loopedback Discord Server with Audio / Video / Screen Sharing!

I created a Discord Server that will allow anyone who would like to participate in doing screen shares to demo labbing, I thought this would be a good way for everyone to help each other on different topics, and I will also be regularly screen sharing my labs there as well.

This page covers registering to Discord and the Invite URL

My hope is to bring the community together to see how we all lab and learn differently, learn new skillsets, and just network within the IT field – I will be on there very regularly!

Please send me a connect on LinkedIn, and send me a Hello packet on there

To get notifications of new articles posted feel free to hit the follow button, or you can send me a connection request on LinkedIn, I can never have too many connections:

Editing out LinkedIn Profile for now as I have well over 1000+ connections at this time 🙂

I enjoy getting to know all people in the IT community from all walks of life, help others with questions about getting into the Industry or specific technologies, so feel free to connect and send me a message on LinkedIn!

– Loopy

One thought on “CLICK HERE – To read about my IT Evolution, my IT Studies road map, and connect on LinkedIn / Discord!

  1. Thank you very much, i find this blog to be one of the best to study CCNP. i’m going for my Encor 350-401 exam next week. Wish me luck 🙂


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