Loopedback - My CCNP Grind

ROUTE (Passed), SWITCH (Passed), and TSHOOT notes in painful detail!

About Loopy (CCIE # TBD)!

My name is Dave Anderson, and as of writing this I have passed ROUTE, and am currently onto SWITCH studies, followed up with TSHOOT to obtain my CCNP R/S.

Being a former Unified Communications Engineer and currently a Data Infrastructure Engineer, I plan to strengthen my Cisco Data Infrastructure for my current role with the CCNP R/S studies, and follow up with finishing the CCNA Video to get my CCNA Collaboration and complete CCNP Collaboration to make a solid Data / Voice Engineer.

I hope to some day earn my CCIE stripes, but with technology comes constant change, so I will blog it one post at a time through each certification 🙂

My posts are well vetted between different training materials, forums, and Cisco documentation as best as I can but there is always room for human error – So if you see any misinformation in posts please feel free to comment or contact me to correct.

I can be contacted at my email here, loopy@loopedback.com with any questions related to all things IT, and can also be found on Linkedin at the following URL to connect:


Thank you for stopping by!

– Loopy

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