The almost completely new SWITCH 3750’s 15.x lab setup, and Cisco switch diagram symbols to write to mem!


After my 3550 decided it was time to die right as I began my SWITCH, I took the opportunity to slack off from studying a bit more, but it’s about time to get back at it.

I have 3 x 3750v2 running IOS 15 and on the bottom a 3650 running IOS 12.2, which can be seen above as I just snapped a pic of the top half of the rack, and as can be seen STP is at work on SW2 Port 3 but we will get to that later won’t we! 😀

The nice thing is the fiber modules on the front, and stack modules in the back of all 3, so I will be able to demonstrate stacking on 3 of those bad boys, along with hopefully playing with some fiber configuration / trunking for just a real world post at some point.

Now here is a diagram of all possible Layer 2 / 3 Switch types you may see in Cisco documentation:


I don’t know it’s necessary to know perhaps the Hub symbols, the Layer 2 and MLS (Multilayer Switch) switch symbols, but I could imagine a Hub / Data center / ATM / Etc switch symbol show up on either SWITCH or TSHOOT.

I am not going to start in on studies tonight, just wanted to put the final switch in and hook up cables, and get the configs on all 3 (the very base configs possible).

As can be seen my approach to cabling is to plug 1-1, 3-3, 5-5, and 7-7 to connect all 4 of the switches together so I can use ports 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 for Port-Channel groups and such in time.

My first post is going to be a lot of theory, and I will need to dedicate probably 2-3 hours to re-cover the CCNA basics starting from Collision Domains and Building the MAC table forward, and I am way too fried after this work week to sit here on a Friday listening to the history of Switching 🙂

A lot of the material I’ve already previewed (first few hours of video) don’t seem beyond anything I’ve reviewed for the CCNA R/S / Security / Voice outside of VTPv3 so far, makes me extremely happy to know ROUTE is behind me, this material in comparison is MUCH less difficult (so far it would seem)!

Anyways, next post will be the Intro to all things SWITCH fundamentals and forward we go!

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