New Loopedback Discord Server for Collaborating on labbing / Sharing your labbing / Saying Hello World!

A fancy new Discord Server to collaborate / stream your lab / watch other stream!

Being that I will be labbing my brains out on DevNet / Network Automation topics, I’ve created a discord server capable of Voice Channels which also allows for Video / Screen Sharing.

I thought this would be a stellar idea to be able to just jump on an audio channel, mute your mic / sound from the channel and just observe, or join the discussion and collaborate with one another to accomplish labbing something or get help with a topic.

Any Technology, skill level, anyone is welcome to join (just please be respectful).

Please feel free to check it out, post something to the chat, jump on an audio channel and stream a lab or a video stream of your pet cat “Floofen” laying around the house ๐Ÿ™‚

That being said, I’ll run through the invite code, and how to join up!

First things first – You will need to register at and verify your email!

Step 1 – Registering an email at and going to your email to verify the account, otherwise you will be stuck in text chat only channels (and may be required to verify in the future), once into the site you should see this screen:

Click the + button to add a server to your list / input the invite URL as shown above^^

Step 2 – Click on the “Join a Server” option shown below:

Step 3 – Input the following invite URL as shown and click “Join Server” :

The Permanent (for now) invite URL for the Server will be: <- Use this exact URL as the invite link

You cannot just click that link, you do need to login and input that invite to join the server as shown if you are not familiar with Discord.

Step 4 – You are all set to start text chatting / voice chatting / video chatting / etc!

You will see little microphones under the voice chat channels, these will throw you right into voice chat with a microphone turned on, so be ready to join the conversation!

Note that the audio Microphone will be active once you enter an Audio Channel!

If you click disconnect it drops you from the call, so I’ve found when I want to stream a lab but not hear anyone / be heard by anyone I just turn my audio in User Settings both to 0 so it essentially turns audio completely off so you can just observe or stream silently.

Really hope to see some members join up over there and maybe collaborate on labs!

I honestly enjoy just talking to fellow IT geeks, I enjoy labbing, and the Discord Server has Automation features I have yet to weave into one of my labs but I will get there ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope to see some of you there and we can say Hello World to each other!

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