DEVASC Attempt #1 – A swing and a miss! Came very close, feel good about how much I had down, and know what I need for attempt #2!

First DEVASC exam attempt is a swing and a miss THIS attempt!

I regret to POST that my first attempt at the DEVASC fell short of the passing grade, the questions were very fair and spread out evenly I felt across all domains, there was just some domains I couldn’t cover as much as I’d have liked running up to exam time.

Some things I whiffed big time on the run up was labbing both in my Linux VM environment, labbing in Sandbox in systems I don’t regularly work with (UCS, DNA Center, NX-OS), so I know what I need to GIT on top of for my next attempt to take down the DEVASC.

One big takeaway from my first attempt – There are some kind of tricky questions that the answer could kind of be a few of the answers presented, though there is enough solid / clear questions to make up those “iffy” questions, I just honestly fell short in the labbing and covering Cisco Systems before sitting the exam.

It was absolutely fair in its questions, it did an amazing job at spreading the questions evenly throughout all the domains compared to previous exams, and I don’t take this as a Fail but a learning experience on how NOT to pass the DEVASC !

With that, I will be taking a bit of offline time here to mentally reset, and hit it again!

I was so close I really want to put my nose to the grind stone and hit it once more before the New Year, and on the other hand I really wanted to take a break for the year, so I will be taking today to mentally reset and hit it again in the New Year.

Though now that I know what to expect I feel with a bit of brushing up, I will take it down on my next attempt, so for now I am going to go let my brain cool off!

Until next time, I got knocked down but definitely not out! 🙂

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