DEVASC Online Flash Cards – All Topics that have glaring details begging to be asked on exam day will be posted here! More to come!

Time to pull out all the stops and make some online DEVASC Flash Cards! 🙂

After enough review I have concluded that small details get lost in putting together the entire picture of DEVASC Topics, and if I get asked some obscure Status Code Response # on exam day that are easy points, these flash cards are made to take those points back!

This is not meant to substitute studying topics, but to supplement remembering details.

The two tabs circled in red in the picture^^^ will be actual Flash Card practice, the Games tab is just some site games, and the Flash Cards tab is just the Question / Answer.

(This will be getting filled in big time in the next day or so with recently covered topics)

DEVASC Topic and its corresponding online flash cards to crush points on exam day!

SDLC Flash Cards

All SDLC Terminology / Concepts in one quick Sprint of Flash Cards:

Design Patterns

All Design Pattern questions in one burst of Flash Cards:

GIT / Version Control

Basic commands / some branching / local vs remote repo / GIT fundamentals:

Python Flash Cards

First set of pure Python Scripting concepts for exam day:

REST API Flash Cards

HTTP Response Codes / What the Code Type (4xx) and exact Code # (403) means:

REST API Fundamental Random Questions:

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