Step by Step guide to install Skype (Free Video Meetings) for non-IT minded people, Stay Together while Staying Home this Holiday season!

This is the step by step guide to staying together over the Holidays with Skype Videos!

This is a solution both if you would prefer a PC that has a video camera, or different Cell Phone vendors (Google / Apple) that do not allow for Video Calls over their platforms, Skype is a free vendor-neutral solution to staying in touch this Holiday Season while Staying Home!

This is broken up into 4 sections, if you are joining the meeting you can skip to Section 4:

  1. Registering for a Skype Account @
  2. Installing the Skype Client on a PC to “Host” the Video Meeting
  3. Sending / Receiving Meeting Invites and Installing Skype on your Mobile Phone
  4. Demo of how to join a Skype Meeting from a Mobile Phone (featuring me!)

I also added a section on how to ensure you quit / disable video and audio on your device afterward to avoid any hilarious / horrifying video puns, see the very end of post 🙂

First things first, at least one person will need to register an email for Skype

The person hosting the meeting will need to go through the “Sign up” process on Skype’s website by inputting their email / some personal info (Name / DOB / email) to register for Skype, its very straight forward so I will briefly run through signing up @ :

Step #1 : On the Website click the “Sign in” drop-down, then click “Sign up”:

Step #2 : It will default to using a Phone #, Click “User your email instead” link:

Step #3 : Use an Email you can receive a code at / log into Skype Client with:

Step #4 : Create a password for your Skype Login, so your Login will consist of your email as the username and this password created here:

Step #4 : Enter the Name you want to Appear in Skype to others in the Video Meeting:

Step #5 : Enter your Date of Birth, I believe this can be any date you want to enter:

Step #6 : You will receive a code to your email entered, log into your email to receive the code (check junk / spam folders) and enter it here, also uncheck the box to avoid spam email as this will be checked by default:

From here you should be ready to install the Client with your new Skype login!

Below are Step by Step instructions for the PC install and setting up the Skype Client:

Step #1 : Go to and click on the download App link:

Step #2 : Click on the Blue “Get Skype for Windows” button (or select your OS):

Step #3 : Click on the “Downloads” circled here, and click on the Skype file name:

Step #4 : Click “Install” on the dialogue prompt and Skype will install ad-free:

Step #5 : Test your Audio (unplug headsets from PC) and Continue once good:

Step #6 : Test your Video to make sure it is working (make sure laptop Webcam is not blocked and that may need to make sure it is “Enabled” on the PC):


Step # 6: You are done configuring Audio / Video, click “Ok” to sign in:

Step #8 : Use your Skype Login Credentials (created above) to sign into Skype:

Step #7 Continued : Once you enter these once, the Client will remember your login:

You will now be signed into the Client and can setup a Free Video Meeting using the steps below, you DO NOT need to use any Free Trials if you use these steps!

Now to look at setting up a Video Meeting / Joining one from a Smart Phone:

This will be a step by step from setting up a meeting, to sharing the “Join” link via Email, to joining from a Cell Phone that does not have Skype installed by clicking on the link received in the email on the phone (it will redirect you to download Skype from your App store).

Step #1 : Click on “Calls” / Phone Icon in the Client and click on “Meet Now”:

Step #1 Continued : You can “Join” or “Host” a meeting, this guide we will click “Host”:

Step #2 : The Meeting link can be shared manually, make sure Video / Audio is enabled:

Step #2 Continued : Alternatively it may be easier to just share the link vial email:

Step #3 : This will then open the Application to send the Invite, I use Gmail here:

At this point I am receiving the Invite on my Cell Phone to Join as a Guest!

These are screenshots from my Cell Phone as I know not all parents or older family will have PC’s readily available, though these same steps can be repeated on a PC, this will focus on getting the Invite to getting into the Video Meeting on a Mobile Phone (mine is an Android).

Step #1 : Log into your email from your cell phone Web Browser / Email App and click on the Invite Link sent:

Step #2 : This will redirect you to your phones App Store, click “Install” first, once Skype is installed it will change to “Open” as pictured here to Click on:

Step #3 : Once open follow the Prompts to “Get Started” and “Join as Guest”:

Step #5 : Answer “Allow” to requests to use your Camera / Microphone and Join:

Step #6 : Click on “Join Meeting” and you will be put into the Skype Meeting! This next picture is of my PC Screen of my own face through the Cell Phones web camera:

Let the Holiday Skype Meetings commence for absolutely zero money! 🙂

To quit Skype on your Cell Phone as a Guest, you can simply close the App, and may want to restart your phone or tap / hold the Skype App Icon and uninstall it until the next meeting.

If you are on PC, closing the App will keep it running in the background, to completely close out of it go to the System Tray shown here / Right-Click the Green Blob icon / Sign Out:

Please ask questions in the comments here, and have a safe Holiday season this year!

While video calls are the easiest option, sometimes a relative might have an Apple Phone on one side and a Google (Android) phone on the other, and not be able to video call, Skype is a neutral App that allows for Video / Audio for free between those two platforms!

Again any questions feel free to contact me directly or comment below for help from a tech geek and I will do my best to assist! Be safe this Holiday season! 🙂

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