First round of DevNet covered, time to hit Python like a ton of bricks, then back to really grinding out the details of Automation tools!

This is how DevNet labbing feels after my 8-week boot camp, time to slow my roll!

I tested round around 50% on my Practice Exam with most of it being theory, which given I have done nothing but burn through the theory after long work days, was actually a great place to be – However in labbing I am finding everything really just comes back to knowing Python.

So over the next couple weeks here I will be filling out that Python 3 thread double time, and have purchased some different courses on the topics of REST API / Docker / Node.js / Flask / Django / Etc that I will also be watching and trying to lab once I make some good progress into my Python course and begin to fill in those knowledge gaps of Docker / Python API Testing / Node / Flask / Django and all of the fun stuff so I feel confident labbing.

That being said I will not be posting a whole lot, I will be around on my Discord Server and throw up different labs I shall execute for DevNet topics as I plan to lab them up, but for right now I am going to grow that Python 3 Sticky Post a lot very quickly as my next move!

I will be back a Python coding fool in the very near future! 🙂

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