Week 5 of the DevNet Grind – Ansible Hands On Lab!


Ansible I believe is the only lab I can setup in my home network unfortunately

Because I’d like to compare notes / labs once I finish this course so I can review and lab it in my own environment / devnet sandbox / public clouds, so I will be making a “Hands on Lab” segment under CCNA DevNet Class Category to see a step by step through all labs for the DevNet exam.

I will also be doing very extensive labbing of my own after this class, but for now before I lose access to these labs, I would like to be able to review the while my brain is not completely fried from study / work / life burnout – So without further ado this will be all screen shots displaying the purpose of commands / commands being executed / return of those commands start with Ansible.

There will be no explanations in probably any of these, just screen snips of the tasks on the left, and screenshots of output in right – I will add context later!

I will be going through Week 5 first to burn through these, and will be starting at week 1 and posting screen snips / embedded links for those Hands on Labs I didn’t have time yet to get to, I don’t want to run out of time and not have labbed them at all.

Ansible Hands on Lab (Overview seen above)

Embedded link for Inventory File Builds




Embedded link regarding roles





This next Bash cmd has a ton of output I won’t bother snipping here:


Ansible REST Link

Ansible Intro link

Ansible Learning Lab – Very good lab, need some Ansible installed locally


Got all links (good info) and some more output from previous Bash Command.







I messed up trying to indent the lines proprly, so repasted in as follows:



Ansible – Lookup of tamplated vars

Ansible – Include vars / Loading vars from files within task

Ansible – Jinja2 Templating

That is it for this, will be kicking out a lot of these from Week 1 up til now

Puppet and Chef do not have a Hands on Lab for week 5, so I assume the theory if solid will be enough to pass the exam, and never look back at those two again 🙂

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