Week 2 of the DevNet Grind – Building REST APIs in Python to GET / POST / PUT / DELETE / verify Auth Hands on Lab!


This is an item I will likely have to circle back around to so want screen snips

REST API created via Python to GET Books from a Library



REST API created via Python to POST books to a Library



When run this simply sends back a 200 OK HTTP Status Code as a response.


Hope that is readable, that is another way to write the same request using urllib package that comes standard in the Pythin Library, and also returns a 200 OK.

REST APIs created via Python to PUT / Update Books in a Library



Not sure if I can run that all in one API Call, lets check it out here:


A 2xx response looks good to me! Moving right along.

REST APIs created via Python to DELETE books from a Library



I’ll spare the output but got a 204 OK Status back.

REST APIs using Python to create them with Authentication built in!



I didn’t grab a screen shot but this did come back with a 200 OK Status, so this script should be a good foundation to build off of for a REST API via Python.

That is it for this weeks Hands On lab, thankfully only the one Lab to catch up on

I thought there was some remote API Authentication Python test scripts you can run, but I am not seeing them, but I’ll keep an eye out and will be labbing these and many more topics here once I cover the theory and catch up on my Python!

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