Lazy Day Post – Went for a very long, much need walk, starting back on intro to Python topics, uploaded Local GIT Repo to my GitHub page as shown here (demo)!


I started to Lab… Then I tried watching TV… then I realized I needed to go outside!

I caught the sun setting on a lake where I live in Minnesota, and with no humidity outside, I just walked around for an hour or so and it was AMAZING!

Just like its easy to forget to blink when your playing Call of Duty Online all night, its sometimes easy to forget to stop studying or doing anything productive for an hour or so, and just go take in the beauty of nature and let your mind be completely clear.

That was very refreshing, I highly recommend trying it, and figured I would end the day kind of getting a bit back into Python and Pushing my Local GIT Repo out to my GitHub page so I don’t lose my files for an upcoming complete system wipe because…

I have somehow turned my labbing laptop into a Faraday Cage inside my house!

You read that right, when this laptop I am typing on is downloading Linux Packages / Streaming Training Videos (or really even on), every wireless device include my remote control to my TV / PS4 controllers / Bluetooth Headsets all stop working.

It was somewhere in trying different PC Hacks / Registry Edits / WSL Installs / Etc Etc Etc for my Cisco Guided Study Group to get my PC setup with Developer tools, and now it is a Faraday Cage whenever I turn it on and it gets a whopping 10mbps download of my 300mbps pipe to my house! 🙂

So I’ve decided not tonight, but soon, I will be formatting this PC entirely and properly setting it up without any Registry Hacks or derps this time around!

For this reason I have decided it is time to upload my Local GIT Repo to GitHub!

Now if you have a Local Repository that you’ve created (as I’ve done in previous GIT posts on here in full detail), when you create a “New Repository” to your main GitHub page it will present you with this page that gives your EXACT directions on how to use it:


This is a new GitHub Repository I made to point out it literally tells you how to “Push” your Local Repository from your PC to GitHub (and even copes the commands for you!), which I simply opened my GIT Bash for Windows and cd .. to the C: and “cd LocalRepo” which is my local GIT Repository on my laptop and typed in the highlighted commands:


This pushed to my ande0255/Loopedback/ GitHub Repository, I do have a DevNet one that I intended to use for class, but I am thinking I may reserve that one for more professional / usable scripts for the community at large once I get my skills down.

After the push my empty GitHub Repository immediately filled in from what is seen in that blank page to having my entire Local Repository with the correct GIT HEAD! :


Note the top file looks like its maybe the top level file, and in a way it kind of is, as notice the 7-digit # and the line “Starting Python MasterClass!” and look at my local GIT Repo:


Now not only is this the Master Branch, but also the Origin of this Repo, whereas had I “Pulled” this Repo down (as I plan to do upon formatting my Laptop), this indicates that this is has not be “Pulled” from another source but this GIT Repository originated on this machine – This may be a good note for Exam Day though just important to know getting into the Coding / Scripting realm of IT to collaborate or work on your projects from different machines or formatted machines in my case.

Being on the exam Blueprint I did want to demo a “git clone” from GitHub:


As can be seen this actually created a whole new Repository inside of my Local Repository rather than a new Branch or copying the files, to copy the files I had to “pull” from the GitHub Repo to Local.

Pretty straight forward, but wanted to demo this for sake of Blueprint completion!

I’ve also started in on a “Learn Python Programming MasterClass” on Udemy

I will admit when it comes to Python I just bang my head on the wall, I don’t know why, but I’ve just never had a class for Python 3 that built up nicely which this class seems to be doing with the instructor going at a very slow pace and me starting from scratch:


The instructor of this class is really quite amazing, the course is $109 so you probably want to wait until its on sale, but it teaches Python 3 in its entirety (where David Bombal teaches an equally important Python 3 course on Udemy) and I highly recommend them.

Even though I have a whole segment explaining my progress and making mini-programs, I am formatting that out of my brain as well, and starting from the ground up to truly understand Python as it gets complex fast if you don’t know the foundations of Python like creating a function and understanding how / what data you are passing into it and what to expect to come out of the other end when you run it.

I think I am going to use a physical notepad to take notes for that rather than this page, as I feel I absorb information better if I write it down even though it is much slower than typing stuff at 90+ words per minute, but I don’t want to try to rush Python or really any of these core skillsets that I want to come out of the DevNet exam.

I am really enjoying the DevNet concepts and new material, and I am determined to keep practicing and pushing forward, and become that Hybrid Engineer of the future I heard about years ago now that its finally the future!

I will wrap up here, just wanted to share that beautiful pic, and quick GitHub demo

Wanted to share that beautiful picture from a great walk for over an hour until the sunset, and came back and started a script that I assume I will probably just continue adding basic concepts onto like line breaks and tabs (/n and /t), one thing from this class worth noting is that you can only have up to 8 tabbed values in a Python script.

With that I have had a very pleasant evening of kind of sort of studying, going to Faraday Cage my house with one more Hank Preston video as I really enjoy his series and want to get through it and earn those little section badges!

Until next time 🙂

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