THE GRIND IS BACK – Starting with David Bombals Python for Network Engineers course, and some links to help prepare for the CCNA DevNet (and beyond)!


I’ve deleted the entire contents of this post to re-write why you need to learn Automation using Python if you plan to get into Network Engineering!

I want to say on thing first, do yourself a huge favor, click the link below and buy this course by David Bombal for $40 on Udemy to invest in a POWERFUL skillset:

I actually verified that link, and as of 8pmCST on 6/25 it is currently only $14, I posted that on my LinkedIn as I think everyone (not just network engineers) should have this skill set, it is insane how absolutely powerful Python Automation is!

Though I will be turning to DevNet soon, I am hitting Python big time!

I admittedly fell off the bandwagon because learning Python by writing scripts that do math and print Hello World! because it just absolutely bored me to tears, as I loved the logic of configuring R/S labs and figuring out why things aren’t working and fixing them.

This Python course is the only one I’ve found not aimed at just learning Python, but using it specifically to learn how to Automate Networks using Python scripts, and it is amazing how powerful of a tool this is to have in your belt!

I am also now starting to hit the DevNet Blueprint Topics, but will resume Python!

Being that my Cisco Instructor Led Study Group starts this coming Tuesday July 14th, I have largely turned my eyes towards the exam blueprint to start hammering through topics to get a jump start on that study group.

However on the right hand side bar I have categories you can click on, and if you click on the “David Bombal ….” category link it will bring up his awesome course notes / labs that I have gone through, and will be resuming Python once I get myself a good head start on DevNet topics that I will be seeing in my Study Group as that will truly be GRIND TIME!

With that back to studying, please get in touch with any questions / comments!

I just finished going over the Data Formats and will now be going through Parsing them actually using Python, which I’ve already used JSON to make some Python output from David Bombals course more readable, though again I very highly encourage anyone to grab his Udemy course for if nothing else Python as it is fantastic!

Stay geeky my friends and followers! 😀

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