Python – Its Python time with Kirk Byers 8-week course material, which I will be posting and working through here!


That is correct, if your not signed up, its time RIGHT NOW to go sign up (as I’m not sure if you can sign up once it has begun) :

I started a study group at that currently does not have a lot of activity, so I am starting to just catch up putting all notes from the course on here, and it is a LOT of great info in this 8 week course (even just watching the videos).

Unfortunately I am not sure how much longer the Reddit Study Group will last

There is not much activity, I am posting one last thread to gauge interest and whether it is helping anyone (as I am fine just blogging my notes here), so this may change over the coming week if I don’t see much interest in the group to collaborate on material.

However – I will publish all weeks 1-8 of Kirk Byer course notes here!

I have a pretty good intro the CCNA DevNet topics already on here from Keith Bogarts amazing INE series, and I will be posting Week 1 – Week 8 of Kirk Byers course notes that I take from videos and topics on here for reference going forward.

If you are following this blog, you are covered, or as covered as I am so you and I better hope I am getting all my demonstrations and understanding of concepts correct 🙂

Point being if you want Python notes, here they will be! (as I get through them!)




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