Python / Linux Studies – CCNP R/S Notes still available, but currently studying DevNet, currently Python 3.x and Linux!


It is Python Time! However, the CCNP R/S Grind notes are forever here!

As you have probably noticed I took small break to explore some other topics that I’ve always just wanted to know outside of the CCNP Blueprint (MPLS / VRF / DMVPN in depth), and I have now made a full pivot towards CCNA DevNet!

I originally began going directly for the ENAUTO 300-435 Professional level exam, but quickly realized that jumping into programming / automating any tasks, you must fully understand all the moving parts that makes it work – So I’ve decided CCNA DevNet.

This is going to be a bit chaotic going forward until I find a groove here

I’ve got a good taste of the “Intro to Automation” from Keith Bogarts INE (very well done), and moved onto CBT Nuggets Ben Finkel and tried to work on 3.x while his class is taught in 2.x, I’ve asked many communities about the version to learn and 3.x wins.

I’ve learned a great deal about variables, input / output, and many very basic concepts for Python but now that I’ve come to intermediate concepts like Loops and Lists I have to make the switch to 3.x as all my materials are now 3.x.

I will also be randomly jumping to making a Linux Post here and there along the way to prepare for the CCNA DevNet 200-901 course, so I will not study one topic until its completed anymore, I need to jump around with learning DevNet topics.

I am actually not sure how much Linux notes I will post here, I am sure there will be some, but that will be part of the chaos of no longer posting about say OSPF for 30 articles then moving onto EIGRP, I have to kind of bounce around my materials to keep them fresh for myself to keep moving forward.

What does this mean for my content moving forwarding with the CCNP Grind?

I may throw up some R/S labbing when I get bored to get a breather in there, but I believe the future belongs to those who know Automation / SDN, though I cannot stress enough to future Network Engineers a Core R/S solid understanding is critical so I advise you at least get a general CCNA now as that is a pretty difficult certification now.

However if you want to learn Python 3.x you are in the right place! I have found MAJOR differences between 2.x and 3.x to the point I’ve abandoned 2.x courses for now, so if you are learning that the syntax from 3.x coding found here will not function the same.

So learn Python 3.x with me, pass the CCNA DevNet, and back the CCNP Grind! 🙂

Good luck on whatever path you take, please feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or any of my Reddit subs, I’m kind of all over the place learning DevNet skills now!

Happy Studies!



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