Linux – A history of Linux vs Unix, File System review, and how to manipulate it using the Bash Shell!


I see a mention of “” in this image, I personally “borrowed” it from, so go view both those websites and sign up for stuff and buy lots of souvenirs on your way out the door.

This can go from Top – Down, Bottom – Up, in this case it goes from Left to Right but this is the Linux Directory “Tree” its called that is how it is structured. Unlike Windows File systems where Drives have their own Letters attached to them / are partitioned from the rest of the PC, and Media itself is a “Hardware” device with Windows:

Everything in Linux is a directory – Even that USB Camera! (in /media/ directory)

I thought jumping straight into commands and such might be a bit too far a leap in an intro post, so wanted to reel it back here and get a quick understanding myself of where Linux came from, and why its not just called Unix as well instead of Linux?

The history of Unix vs Linux, and what the difference is between them

Unix was considered the “Mother of all OS” back when it was created in the early 70’s, however it costs companies that run it money (licensing like Microsoft), depending on the level of Unix flavor they required for this environment.

For the full list, please visit this blog for the run down.

Linux on the other hand has hundreds of “flavors” you can download depending on what best suits your needs for Desktops / Servers / Filestores / etc, and it is all open source. The reason you can run Linux as a home Desktop PC solution without a firewall, is because there are literally thousands of Linux programmers constantly finding and stopping these viruses in their tracks – I think there has been less that 100 reports viruses in the last 50+ years or so for any Linux Distro (Distribution / OS type).

Some things I did not cover in my additional Linux blog post – Permissions


When looking in “ll” it will not know give us the directory name, file size, date, however that they very beginning it shows us three different permissions: Root / Home / User!

Root has access to Read/Write anything it wants, however Home which is a Directory step upwards does not share this same Luxury, and other users will not either unless they are specifically given the permissions to RW the file rather then just R access.

More on this to come, wanted to visually demonstrate that while I had that in mind!

I have lots more Linux to come I am thinking in the near future, so wanted to restore these articles, to reference while I am going through the battle to learn Linux 🙂

More to come!


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