Though I have earned my CCNP R/S, the Grind never stops my friends, I am just getting started!!! :)


I just absolutely love this graphic, perfect representation of the Cisco struggle!

Moving forward I will be posting non-Cert related technologies!

Now to that I have earned my CCNP R/S, I’ve decided to take a breather with some lighter topics such as MPLS Layer 3 VPNs, which apparently are part of the CCIE R/S Syllabus. I personally was learning it for personal growth as a professional, but it made me realize I need to re-organize this site a bit to make it easier for visitors to find the content the needs via “Categories” on the right hand side-bar of this webpage.

All CCNP R/S content will remain available through the CCNP Enterprise Migration

I will have CCIE at the top, CCNP R / S / T topics with all sub-categories below them to preserve all old articles, and will add new “Parent” categories as training gets released for the CCNP Enterprise Cisco Certified Specialist exams, as they pack a huge punch of great material such as SD-WAN (the future of WAN routing), Virtualization, Wireless, etc.

I’ll be regularly updating CCIE Level Topics to keep moving closer to my lab day, however I will be taking breaks to learn these brand new specialist certs once solid training becomes available, and once I transition I’ll pop a new Category Parent for that Cert track with its sub-category topics as you see now (finally) being implemented 🙂

To all of you still in the CCNP R/S Hunt before Feb 2020, I wish you the best of luck!

I wish you all luck in getting your CCNP certifications before the deadline, and continue learning well past that like I will be doing here, I am not jumping right into insane CCIE studying for hours upon hours yet however I am hoping enough study and real world experience will some day put me within striking distance of the CCIE Lab some day!

Good luck my fellow geeks, and thanks for stopping by

Never stop learning!!!

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