TSHOOT – HUGE shout out for Boson Exam Simulator for the 300-135 TSHOOT exam, and of course my study resources!


Notice the tabs to access the Layer 2 / Layer 3 IPv4 / Layer 3 IPv6 Diagrams!

I don’t know if others are expecting this, but this was a TKO punch when I first opened the first simulation question in Boson, and had no idea what to look at and start pinging.

I just cannot express this enough, if you can afford the Boson Exam Sim before taking the TSHOOT for the first time, you will walk into that room ready to Pass it and move on with your day like it was just a 2 hour appointment at Pearson Vue πŸ™‚

This has boosted my confidence 1000% for exam day, I just cannot recommend it enough!

Another question that took me 10 minutes (at most) to get 3/3 (100%) on:


This one I had all 3 Topologies available to review, but didn’t even need to check a PC or a Router, jumped straight to the Layer 3 switches and had it resolved within 10 minutes!

I won’t give away all of Bosons exam sim question / answers on here, but really want to demonstrate how great this tool is, I feel like I could pass the TSHOOT right now and not even break a sweat in the process (which would be a first for a Cisco exam!) πŸ™‚

Also the other study materials that knocked the rust off ROUTE skills over 1 month

Shown on my ROUTE Pass exam grade, it has been 2+ years since I’ve last studied ROUTE due to life circumstances while studying for SWITCH, and I don’t do a lot of Dynamic Routing / Redistribution / BGP at my work (yet) so I really needed help!

The following sources are what I used to refresh my ROUTE studies and prepare for TSHOOT, in addition to my ROUTE notes within this website:

  • TSHOOT 300-135 OCG Book – Amazing book that has way upped my game on the job, focused on core concepts of ROUTE and SWITCH, and approached each topic from a troubleshooting perspective in very good detail. Highly recommended even if you are not going to take the TSHOOT, this is a great troubleshooting guide!
  • Jeremy Cioara CBT Nuggets TSHOOT Video Series – No other vendor (that I am aware of) has a series focused on the TSHOOT exam prep, they are usually just recycled videos from the ROUTE or SWITCH videos you’ve already watched during those studies. Short and concise videos, pro-tips here and there, A+++ from me!
  • Keith Barker CBT Nuggets TSHOOT Lab Video Series – I have downloaded the components and looked at it, but have mainly used Boson so far honestly, however in watching Jeremy Cioara run through a Keith Barker lab in one of his “fly by” videos it looks like a great resource of exam prep as well. (Though I still fully endorse getting the Boson Exam Sim if you can possibly afford it!)
  • Cisco Learning Network CCNP Forum – Great community of Expert Cisco Geeks to help us up and coming Cisco Geeks understand advanced topics, great resource for explaining hard to grasp concepts, and CLN Mods to answer questions the Cisco side of exams (Policies, upcoming cut-over of tracks, etc). Great community, go sign up!
  • Loopedback.com ! – Had to give myself a shameless self-promotion in there, I am definitely not a one stop shop for information, but I am proud to see my blog hit up by people across the world and strive to improve my posts as I go forward πŸ™‚

That will wrap up this TSHOOT Exam prep shout out to resources for the Pass!

I really want to hammer home the Boson Exam Sim I feel is probably so close to the actual test, its helped me to just read the ticket and immediately logically start narrowing down the source of the issue, then identifying all the moving parts to see whats broken.

I just cannot recommend it enough, along with the study resources I used running up to the Exam Simulator week, good luck to all my fellow CCNP Candidates!!!


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