Almost to the Summit! TSHOOT notes will be a bit more limited, and some suggested prep materials within!


We are almost to the Summit of the CCNP R/S and soon to be Enterprise!!!

My previous TSHOOT posts to this article is unique information that you will want to know for exam day and for real life on the job purposes, otherwise going forward will be much more condensed notes that will be largely references to specific issues, and how to resolve them (commands and approaches).

These are the notes I will be using to prepare myself for TSHOOT, while using the “Search” feature to look back on my previous labs during my ROUTE and SWITCH studies, so if you are following along with TSHOOT topics I encourage you to review previous labs to fully understand the topic / configuration / verification commands.

I recommend (or what I will be using to grind it out):

  • TSHOOT OCG – This book is priceless even beyond the exam, lots of good info
  • CBT Nuggets – Video series to walk through trouble tickets
  • Boson Simulator – Now is the time to grab this CHEAP with their coupon code over on their website (think its SUMMER20 for 20% off or something)

The Boson software is amazing as it perfectly emulates the exam, and I mean perfectly.

So in conclusion, this is goodbye for now my fellow Grinders, I shall return a CCNP!

Time to put my nose to the GRIND stone! I would highly advise fellow grinders to at least try to pass your ROUTE and SWITCH exams, so you will have the ENCOR (Enterprise Core) exam credit, then will need to take one specialist exam to be certified for the CCNP Enterprise after the track gets cut over.


Six months as of this writing until the CCNP Track cuts over to Enterprise, time to grind like you have never grinded before! Hope to meet you all at the Summit of Mt CCNP! 🙂

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