It’s been a long couple of years of medical issues that have stopped me from actually taking the exam, but have studied the material over and over, and finally took it today and passed it on the first attempt.

I have to say that all of the questions on the exam were absolutely outside what I would have expected to see on the exam, I put a lot of focus into areas that weren’t even touched, however I used all the knowledge and labbing you see within this page to make it through the exam!

One thing that almost caught me and probably would have failed me, is to make sure that sim configurations are complete, as I almost skipped over one absolutely necessary line of config on a Sim that would have undoubtedly caused a fail, but I took a few minutes to really think about the entirety of all configs before proceeding and fortunately caught it before proceeding.

The first 10 questions were sims / simlets that took my first hour, and that second hour I had one eyelid half open just shooting from the hip I was so fried from re-reading the scenario / tasks and triple checking everything was satisfied.

The only thing I can really say is, if you know all the material, you should be able to use the same “Answer Elimination” method for any multiple choice / drag and drop as long as you have studied / labbed / understand how the technologies work.

A lot of question I wasn’t looking for the correct answers first, I was looking for what the obvious wrong answers were going to be, and once I eliminated those it made finding the correct answers in the pile of options much easier to conclude.

So happy to have this exam behind me, onto TSHOOT preparation, I wish all you fellow grinders the best of luck with this exam as it fried my brain within the first hour and I honestly didn’t expect to pass at a certain point but my hard work paid off! 😀