I know its a bit deep into the topics here, but I wanted a clear demonstration of what I mean when I say 3-Layer switch model, also known as the “hierarchical” switching model.

Core Layer – Considered to be the “backbone” layer or “center” of a network, no routing or packet manipulation is done at this Layer of the network, its only concern is high-speed reliable transport of traffic and uses high-speed cables / fiber / switches.

Distribution Layer – Also called the “Workgroup” layer, this is where you will find Layer 3 (MLS) switches to route traffic between Subnets and VLANs in your network.

Access Layer – Also called the “Desktop” layer as this layer of switches is where users access the network from Servers and PC’s to VOIP / Video endpoints.

Hope I’m not the only one that needed a clear definition to dust the cobwebs off of the switching skills for exam day, that is all for this one, just wanted to clarify for us old timers 🙂