Keith Bogarts (INE) Comparison chart of how Distribute-List’s work between different protocols!


One again with Keith Bogarts permission he allowed me to post this up for other who do not have his course (which you should go grab a copy of), to demonstrate the differences of Distribute-List’s behaviors between protocols.

The list speaks for itself, and if you’ve learned these and forgotten exactly which protocol does what, this list is a perfect visual reminder. The one thing Keith did mention is that under BGP, the only thing not to know for CCNP ROUTE exam day is the last information under the BGP column – You won’t see that level of detail on the exam… I hope.

So wanted to just get this graphic up as Keith said it was cool for me to throw it up for others to review, again he teaches this exhaustively and very well in his course, so I’d advise buying it via the GNS3 store as you get 50% off the CCNP R/S bundle through there apparently.

Just google GNS3 store and purchase right through there, and it will redirect you to INE’s website with the coupon code already applied, and for $200 for Keiths training its a steal!

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