Tips for passing the CCNP ROUTE on exam day and how to study for it!

I am completely revamping this page, after completely having gone through Chris Bryants CCNP R/S video series, and going through all the labbing, as the posts on here clearly show an understanding of each concept.

Studying is the first 100 or so posts of my going through the material in my posts once until I nailed the concept, immediately moved on, then I took two practice tests from two different sources to gauge how ready I was for my exam date the next week and they absolutely annihilated me on simple topics that I covered once and then moved on.

My best advice is from failing the 2 practice exams from different sources is this:

  • Study through your materials once, take a couple different practice exams, and note all the different topics you hadn’t even pondered throughout your studies (and possibly commands you never knew existed)


  • Lab all those more detailed topics again that didn’t commit to memory, until they commit to memory, until you can configure it off the top of your head with no notes or instruction


  • Take another couple practice exams from different sources or different pools of questions, and repeat labbing things you got wrong until committed to memory, until you run out of subjects to lab to death and back again


I’ve personally pushed my date back to the end of May, and I have gone into overdrive already on DEEP Dives into subjects like LSA Database’s and OSPF Areas, which I didn’t realize how little I know until I was asked technical questions about them.

If you use my pages for any sort of reference for materials, I strongly suggest you review the DEEP Dives (can find a link to just “CCNP – DEEP Dives!” on right side of page), as these will break down the material to its nuts and bolts.

Fortunately I learned how little I really retained from studying before I threw my money away at a first exam attempt, missing so much knowledge on a topic like OSPF LSA Types / Areas alone, my biggest advice is not to rush it and to just keep at practice exams and labbing until you are dreaming in binary!

With that, get back to labbing! 🙂

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