Part 1: Setting up the new, bigger, and better lab to configure everything we’ve learned up to this point!



As previously mentioned I believe, this will be a multi-part lab in which I will configure “Multi-Point” 2-way Redistribution / Policy-Routing / Distribute-Lists / Route-Maps / and troubleshooting all along the way.

Here are a few things I know I want to achieve over the several parts of this lab:

  • Authentication deep dive for all 3 protocols in Topology
  • DEEP Dive look at Redistribution with Route-Map tagging and Distribute-Lists
  • Policy Routing and Local Policy Routing configuration
  • 3-way Redistribution on R3 if possible, things might get crazy
  • Deep Dive into Policy Routing capabilities, applying around the network
  • Random other topics as I can think of them

I will be working as much with route-maps as possible, as they really are a huge chunk of all of those topics, so I believe those are critical to understand inside out. I have done a “wr er” and “reload” on all routers, and am going to configure the core network in the Topology, but I may review some of my previous posts to get my brain tuned up to lab until my brain melts out of my skull.

That being said I will just configure it for tonight, and add to it slowly while I am fresh, I don’t want to do anything while I am in zombie mode (like now) after a long work day.

So this will all be review, and as I said, saturate this network completely with all the concepts I have posted about and troubleshoot issues as needed.

I am going to whip up this Topology now, and we will get this party started on my next post, see you there 🙂

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