Lab plan for EIGRP / RIPv2 / OSPF Redistribution and more!


I told myself I am not going to lab today to avoid CCNP burnout, so I created the above topology which I will be configuring in my next lab session, and did a ‘wr er’ on all 5 routers and put their base configs (frame relay and IP addressing).

It will be very similar to the OSPF lab not just by how I logically drew it out in paint, but also that each router will have a loopback(s). I didn’t want to start adding those to the topology, because there will probably be summary routes added into the mix as well as it gets going, although I did draw out R4’s Lo44 which will be in Area 0.

The idea is to simulate integrating multiple protocol redistribution, to see if I can make it work, and move onto Route-Maps and ACL’s if I can. If it cannot work for some reason, to find out why, and adjust accordingly.

Though as I promised myself I am not going to get into configurations today, but wanted to post this as a reference for my next lab session, and the routers are ready for configuration so in theory this should be… easy to configure? We shall see another night!

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