Break from studying turned into 6 months in the blink of an eye!

Due to the summer getting busy, and posts getting sporadic to the point that I was not retaining the material / labbing, I decided to take a short break which turned into a 6 month break.

A word to the wise, do not take time off from studying unless you need to (vacation, family emergency, etc) as starting again for me is almost harder than originally starting my studies, due to the fact that I feel like I’ve already failed at the follow through once – Don’t be that guy (me) and let your momentum slow to a stop!

Now that I have sucked it up and gotten back on the horse, this page will be regularly updated with very technical posts including a lot of router output but my communication and writing format is very relaxed – So don’t let that throw you off. I do know what I am talking about some of the time.

Going forward I will be removing route codes from “sh ip route” commands to focus more on the output, put router output in bold font (though some important text topics will be as well), and there will be a lot more console / debug / show command output from the routers to demonstrate what happens on live equipment when I configure something.

I will leave my posts prior to restarting in December, even though it’s a bad taste in my mouth to have that reminder of the time I almost gave up, but there is some good info that is repeated in more current posts but a different view of it (worth a quick once over to me).

If you are looking for a good quick reference guide to supplement some topics on your ROUTE studies, you have found your new home away from home, now lets make and break some networks shall we 🙂

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