EIGRP Fundamentals / Advanced in a can

I've integrated Chris Bryant's ROUTE book on kindle into my study, as it follows the video series perfectly, and decided to go over the EIGRP section while doing the OSPF videos just to re-cover the topics, which made realize how much important information I did not post here. So this will be bullet points of … Continue reading EIGRP Fundamentals / Advanced in a can

Finished OSPF Fundamentals, onto Advanced Concepts

The last couple of videos were actually really quick, and to this point, really easy to digest after going through a condensed version of all the CCNA material. The bandwidth command issued on the interface, is another way of adjusting in my mind basically the OSPF Cost, only it isn't specific to OSPF so it … Continue reading Finished OSPF Fundamentals, onto Advanced Concepts

OSPF Adjacency / Neighbor formation states

This is a completely not fun, dry, and hard to remember list of how two routers become neighbors / form an adjacency in order of what happens. I am typing it here purely for future reference, so if you are looking for an intriguing perspective on something, probably want to look read another post: Init … Continue reading OSPF Adjacency / Neighbor formation states

OSPF Virtual-Links, Cabling

Really quick post tonight just to re-hash some of the material I already covered but haven't posted about, and finally got my virtual link in Area 34 which is an Ethernet segment off the Fa0/0 of both R3 and R4 off the usual Hub-and-Spoke NBMA network. This is achieved by going into the Router Configuration … Continue reading OSPF Virtual-Links, Cabling

EIGRP Basics to Advanced overview

    Above is a rough drawing in paint of my current topology I have worked through the Advanced EIGRP section with, Frame-Relay NBMA Hub-and-Spoke WAN, and Fast Ethernet LAN segment to make things... more interesting to troubleshoot. It does not of course show all the configurations changes, summary routes, and things that have been … Continue reading EIGRP Basics to Advanced overview